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REVIEW: William English – William English demo

Band: William English
Album: William English demo
Release: 2011
Label: Self-released
Genre: Hardcore-influenced sludge

When a band introduces itself as “30-stone riffs with screams so socially unpopular it makes the cool kids cry”, at least a few heads are going to turn, if just out of curiosity. I came across William English, a UK-based ‘stoner/hardcore/sludge/thrash’ band who apparently used to play oldschool-emo/stoner rock on their old demo, but this has been revamped for their demo. They certainly honor all the aspects in William English that they mention on their Facebook page, all encased in a 2-track 7-minute demo available from Facebook or Soundcloud, and make more than a passing nod to their influences.



Inception-style, this is a series within a series. The next few Introducing… posts are going to be focusing on bands who came very close to making my Best Of 2011 lists, but for whatever reason didn’t quite make it. That said, each of these bands are more than worth checking out if they sound appealing to your genre interests.

I was introduced to Cloud Rat by pure curiosity and coincidence. I found their self-titled début EP free for download on J. Randall’s Grind Karaoke Bandcamp page, gave it a spin, and then promptly gave it another spin. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what I was hearing.