All Change, Please.

As the more observant of you may have noticed, this site has not been updated in a fairly long time. For that I apologize; I have a long line of bands piled up to tell you guys about, and I will get to them soon. The reasons things have slowed down here are manifold. Over the past few weeks, I have:

    1. Moved back from Russia to England near the end of last month.
    2. Re-organized my room and possessions as my parents moved house while I was in Russia.
    3. Traveled to Metalfest Austria to do some gig reporting and band interviewing, the results of which will be emerging on Metal Recusants very soon.
    4. Most recently, I’ve been struck down with a mixture of a cold and hayfever, which feels like my head is being churned through the same torture device that the people who created hangovers use.

For these reasons, and others that I will mention soon, I have decided to change the way I operate, and that directly affects this site of mine. Given my current workload at the moment (collaborations with the aforementioned Metal Recusants, Death Metal Baboon, A Metal State Of Mind and a forthcoming not-to-be-named-yet-project), I am going to change this site into primarily a portfolio project, advertising my work to those who may be interested. I will still be writing here, but on a much less frequent basis.

What does this mean?
The layout is going to change! The new site should be fairly similar and simple, but as a general idea, I’m going to have three separate pages for reviews & articles elsewhere, list of reviews here, and the blog itself.
For the readers: When you first come here, you will see a welcome screen which will direct you to whichever part of the site holds your interest. The blog section will be updated weekly with the new articles going up on the various other sites mentioned (and maybe guestposts on others, who knows?), and sometimes a post that I feel wouldn’t fit in my other collaborations.
For the bands: As mentioned, I do have a stack of promos to get through, and those will be seen to in good time. The ones I have received until this date will be dealt with on this site unless the band messages me. To any bands who contact me after this date, we will arrange something via e-mail (check the contact form at the top), but it’s most likely that the final review will end up on a collaboration site and not here.
For the promotional agencies: If you have a problem with me taking promos to review for other sites, then please send me a message using the contact form at the top.

Share your thoughts!

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