In The Spotlight: Trevor Strnad

The post got messed up, so reposting it now. Sorry about that.

Name: Trevor Strnad
Age: 30
Location: USA
Associated acts: The Black Dahlia Murder

Trevor Strnad is an extreme metal vocalist of Detroit origin, although his name is of Polish descent. Mostly known for his work in The Black Dahlia Murder, Trevor has a reputation for being an extreme metal and horror movie addict with a great if wicked sense of humor. When not delivering his trademark maniacal howls and guttural grunts, he’s been known to play Dungeons And Dragons, or partaking in certain homegrown hallucinogenic drugs. His writing can also be found in his ‘Deadspeak’ column for Gun Shy Assassin.

His vocals have been a point of contention among metal listeners, mostly owing to their slight semblance to deathcore (not well-liked among many death metal listeners). His voice has advanced a bit from the olden days, which were a little closer to deathcore, but personally I think they’ve fitted the music he’s sung to no matter in which carnation the band was. The first link I offer to you is of a thought-provoking song entitled “I Will Return” from The Black Dahlia Murder’s 4th album Deflorate, which takes an interesting angle on the topic of cryogenic freezing.

Lyrics are provided here.

Trevor doesn’t often lend his vocals to other projects, but the ones he has done have been top-notch releases. The first one I have is on Global Flatline, the latest release from Belgian deathgrinders Aborted. Despite the variety of tricks that frontman Sven de Caluwé can perform, I feel that Trevor also adds a certain flavor to the song, even if his vocals aren’t quite as noticeable. Worth checking out, in any case, here’s “Vermicular, Obscene, Obese”:

Another less predictable collaboration that I stumbled across was with the now-defunct female-fronted metalcore band Light This City. Despite not being familiar with the album, the track itself is a strong representation, if suffering slightly in the vocal mixing. Still, “Fear Of Heights” is a great spin, and I’ll be checking out Facing The Thousand in the near future.

His humor and poetic wit recur often in his lyrical content, regardless of topic:

“It’s up all night and sleep all day,/The hours are shit with hell to pay.” -The Grave Robber’s Work.

Some of them are quite disturbing in content, but he has always maintained that his main aim is to shock as he was shocked by this style of music, by bands such as Autopsy and Cannibal Corpse, the latter of which he got to guest in one of their live songs, “Stripped, Raped And Strangled”.

If you can get a copy of it, I highly recommend the Black Dahlia Murder DVD Majesty, not just for the live performances which look incredibly fun, but for the documentaries on the second disc. They portray a band who are at once dedicated to their music and yet able to relax, if not always in ways that I would agree with. One particular point raised by Trevor in the documentary, encased in humor, is the future of extreme metal vocals. As a bonus content, I leave you with the video which talks about this topic with a slight whiff of toilet humor. Enjoy.

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