There seems to be something about Scotland that means they are able to create some kickass death and thrash metal. From the fast-rising death metal act Cerebral Bore to the thrashier end of Achren, the country’s provided some cool releases over the years, and recently-formed power-trio Diementia have been doing their bit for giving the scene a kick up its collective behind, and they’re set for more ass-kicking very soon.

Formed in 2008, Diementia have already seen quite a revolving door of musicians over the years. Originally comprised of Ricky Kerr on drums and vocals, Dave Pollock on bass and keyboard and Jason Hinde on guitar, they released an album for free a year later under this line-up. Tears Of Blood is an incredibly strong death-thrash release which toes the line between the raw production of DIY bands and the mature songwriting of guys who’ve been around the block a few times. The use of samples also adds an atmosphere to it, particularly on the lengthy title track which starts with “Did you ever notice how in the Bible that when God came to make an example or a killing…he sent an angel?”. A chilling intro into a rumbling track full of low ominous growls and great musicianship (including some well-executed atmospheric keyboard parts), also set off by the previous track’s blistering homage to Slayer in the riffing. The rest of the album is also a great listen for those into the more extreme side of thrash, “Thoughts Of Revenge” and “Where I Belong” (the latter reminding slightly of a Pantera ballad) are also great tracks. Give the album a download here.

Since then, the band have seen several drummers, guitarists, bassists and vocalists including ex-members of Cerebral Bore, Achren (see a trend?), Mythago and Attica Rage, but now the line-up seems to have solidified into Ricky Kerr and Jason Hinde again on drums and guitar respectively, Rowan Petch on bass and Duncan Mcivor on vocals. Diementia recently announced a new EP which is going to be released very soon, and if Tears Of Blood is anything to go by, it’s going to be a strong one. Check ’em out on Facebook, MySpace and Reverbnation.

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  1. Thanks again Mark! \m/

    April 3, 2012 at 12:15 pm

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