[UPDATE: See bottom for a contest]

It can be very easy to pigeon-hole groups within a second of looking at their profiles. Hard rock bands in particular have often been accuse of soundalikes to the greats of the genre, but appearances can be deceiving, as can be witnessed with Californian power-trio Sinicle. Formed in ‘a small basement in Reno, Nevada’ in 2005, they’ve been busy since then with gigging around the Nevada/California area and releasing a demo & EP. They sell themselves as a hard rock band with some metal influences (although they don’t list any influences on Facebook), and immediate first impressions confirm this. But digging around the other tracks available reveal some slightly more atypical styles creeping in.

The lead single “Obliterate” introduces a sound somewhere between Southern hard rock and proto-thrash metal, and a mixture of vocals from all three members, from low shouting cleans to full-on harsh screams, mostly provided by guitarist Andrew Zaragoza. But don’t let the one song fool you that the band have a one-trick formula, as I learnt when finding the Red Hot Chili Peppers funk-influenced “Drop Your Life” or the post-rock sections in “Tides Of War”, which also sports a huge bass moment from Justin Miller. James Gepner also gets in his percussion moments along with backing vocals, particularly in the lengthier “Never Too Young To Die”, and finally, the band delve into a quieter Alcest-esque moment in “After Time”.*

Currently I’m told that a zombie-related (?!) video is being shot at the moment for “Obliterate”, and Sinicle are working on a new EP with the famous Bob Kulick, whose previous credits include a couple of fairly well-known bands like KISS and Motörhead. Things are looking good for them at the moment, and I recommend you all check out the tracks available on Facebook, including a new demo track that sounds very cool. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Guitarist Andrew has just informed me that the band are aiming for a place on the WARPED Tour, so if you have a couple of spare seconds, then vote in the poll below and give them a chance to play with blessthefall and Senses Fail! Go HERE for the contest.

*Please note that the tracks mentioned appear to be listed in a haphazard manner, so it remains unclear which come from which releases.

2 responses

  1. Groovy stuff here. I dig the Iron Maiden bass/guitar styles of the song you posted. I’m on my way to their Facebook to check more out. Great find!

    March 13, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    • I didn’t pick up the Maiden influence, shame on me! Thanks for pointing that out, I guess I’m still a Padawan 😉

      March 13, 2012 at 5:17 pm

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