From Russia With Love

Excuse the cheesy title, but it had to be done.

So now things have been set up in Russia after a little hiatus (and a lot of unprintable swearing at internet providers not liking my computer), and I’m preparing for the second half of a year abroad experience. What this means for the site is a few new experiences (I’ve got a concert report to write up soon, so stay tuned for that), but there is a whole lot more behind the scenes which I will be informing of you in the future.

One of the main changes for now is posts will become less of a regular every-second-day thing and more whenever I have time for them. I’m going to be juggling schoolwork, a university essay*, other collaborations and playing tourist to an amazing city called St. Petersburg. At least one or two posts will be going up per week (unless there’s an internet cutoff, in which case you’ll have to be patient), but it won’t be as regimented as I had run it when in Austria.

Secondly, I am looking to change this site into a portfolio rather than the blog format, if anyone has experience with setting up portfolio websites via WordPress, then don’t hesitate to get in contact.

That’s all I have for now. If you have a request for the blog, for one of your own releases, a popular release you want reviewed, or even an article topic which you find interesting (I have a couple of There’s Metal Here? still kicking around), don’t hesitate to contact me.

Take care folks, and see you around

*Any German-speaking metalheads who would like to take part in a survey, drop me a message via the contact form. I’ll update this message when the survey is online.

2 responses

  1. Have a good time in Russia. My wife did an internship with the UN in Moscow and had a great experience. I’m sure you will too. Enjoy the bliny, I hear they’re tasty as hell.

    March 13, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    • Cheers man, glad your wife enjoyed it! St. Petersburg is proving fairly mental, and the metal gigs around here seem to be fairly constant. Almost daily! I’ve got several gigs lined up in the next few months if I can afford them. And yes, the bliny are fairly awesome if really filling!

      March 13, 2012 at 5:15 pm

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