INTRODUCING…: Concept Of Time

Another EP I regrettably slept on from last year was that of Scottish sympho-metallers Concept Of Time, who seem to be gearing up for new material. For now, check out my thoughts on Breathe below.

Concept Of Time passed under the radar for me, but have been playing for a few years, having released a demo and two EPs of their dark symphonic metal style. The latest of which, Breathe, I discovered by word of mouth, looking for bands akin to Kamelot. What I actually discovered was a band who sound more akin to Evergrey (both of whom have played live with Kamelot, logically).

Listening to Breathe, it’s clear the band have carefully thought through their style, incorporating the bombast of Epica or Tuomas Holopainen with the aforementioned Evergrey, creating some grand soundscapes such as on “Visions”. With just four songs (all available for download on their Facebook page), the EP is a small and very complete listen, 20 minutes of high-quality music.

Coming from a land which has already spawned some great talent (Alestorm, Man Must Die), it won’t be long before Concept Of Time start to build an even stronger following in their native Glasgow and further afield. Concept Of Time are one to watch.

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