ARTICLE: Metal’s Sense Of Humor Pt. 2

Welcome back to the series of articles about comedy in metal, continuing from Part 1 a few days ago where the general theme was established acts. This time round I’ve gone on a hunt for cover versions which make light heart of the original. Some of these will be fairly well-known in the metal world, others maybe less so. Read on for more metallic laughter.

1. In Flames Cover Christmas Classic
A jolly 34-second cover of a Christmas classic, this one did the rounds of a couple of unofficial bootlegs a while ago, which is how I discovered it. Despite what you think of their more recent material, it’s a fun track to check out. Judging by the other songs I found on the bootleg (a cover of No Fun At All), I’m guessing this was done around the Clayman-era. Award yourself an internet point if you can guess the original song.

2. Blind Guardian become the Sandmen
When not making slightly bombastic power metal, Hansi and co. occasionally bring out their versions of various kinds of songs, ranging from Queen to Little Richard. This one in particular is very amusing, a cover of The Chordettes’/Dick Valentine’s cover of Mr. Sandman. Anybody for a singalong? All together now…

3. Children Of Britney– I mean Bodom.
No list would be complete without one of the all-time classic metal covers of a commercial song: Finnish melodeathsters Children Of Bodom in one of their many attempted versions of pop and country songs. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, they’ve done plenty of others, which can be found in the related videos. For now, let your 00s nostalgia run wild, metal style.

4. GWAR Finish School For The Summer
In my own belated tribute to their recently-passed guitarist Cory Smoot, here’s a video of shock-metallers GWAR covering the classic Alice Cooper track “School’s Out”, in true GWAR style. Those who haven’t seen them, make sure you do so, particularly at the benefit concert for Mr. Smoot. For now, rock out to the true metalheads from Hell.

Warning, the video is NSFW. You have been warned

5.Mikael Does Michael Amidst Some Foolin’ Around
Opeth are no stranger to the odd impromptu comedic interludes (YouTube is full of them), but this happens to be one of my favorites. Mikael starts by having a ‘conversation’ with drummer Martin through his drumming, before launching into an impromptu Michael Jackson cover. Just TRY not to laugh, I dare you.

*When he says “time to play some shit music”, he’s referring to Opeth’s own discography in his usual self-deprecating tone.

6. Gorgorroten Makes A Black Metal Parody.
I must say that I know very little about French-based Gorgorotten (seems to be taken from Gorgoroth, as far as I can tell) as a band, but I found this video by pure accident. It mocks the stereotypical black metal video (which themselves can be hilarious). Those who don’t know what typical BM videos look like, stay tuned as I’m sure they’ll emerge later in the series. For now, enjoy a great mockery of it, musically and visually, with the song “Black Prayer Of Hate And Death”.

Hopefully some of these raised some grins on your grim and frostbitten faces, join us next time for more heavy metal hearty laughs.

One response

  1. Great Post. Love that Blind Guardian video, cracks me up every time, the GWAR one is great too. And Opeth are always jokers live. When I saw them back in October in Milan Mikael ended up giving lessons on drop D guitar tuning that was quite humorous.
    Have you come across Brian Posehn, The Vegan Black Metal Chef, or Steel Panther? Funny stuff. If you want so-horrible-it-mind-blowingly-hilarious check this video out.

    February 29, 2012 at 10:51 pm

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