Metal Shards Vol. 2

Welcome back to another round of Metal Shards, giving a round-up of the news that I found interesting over the few days. Obviously this isn’t going to be a weekly thing, but I’ll keep collecting information until I’ve got enough to make a volume.

1. Tony Iommi Is Awesome.
In what has to have been the biggest news in the last couple of weeks, Tony Iommi has proven that despite being struck down with a fairly nasty disease, he can still continue rocking. After the Black Sabbath guitarist announced that he has lymphoma (a kind of cancer), bandmate Butler Geezer claimed that two songs have already been written with Tony. Now THAT is dedication. Wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery.

2. MORE Releases Announced.
It seems that this month is “Let’s Announce We Have A New Album Due” week for another slew of bands. We can expect new material from *take a breath* Orange Goblin (A Eulogy For The Damned, Feb), Cannibal Corpse (Torture, March), Borknagar (Urd, March), Meshuggah (Koloss, March)*, Napalm Death (Utilitarian, Feb), Burzum (Umskiptar, May) Fear Factory, Diablo Swing Orchestra, High On Fire and Moonspell (no info on these yet). While 2011 saw some epic releases, I think 2012 is set up to be an even bigger year for metal music. Looking forward to most of it.
*to much fangirl/fanboy screaming, I may add.

3. Why You Do This?
Recently there was a very interesting documentary released on YouTube entitled Why You Do This? It follows the story of a sound technician who plays in a mathcore band (no, not school-related) and experiences the hardships of small-time bands on tour. It also features interviews a-plenty, and proves to be a great watch for those who like to ask the question “why do you do this?”. I’ll be watching it soon.

4. Refused Are Back.
Now THIS made me sit up and pay attention. Oldschool Swedish hardcore group Refused have officially reunited to play a set of US gigs and festival Coachella. The band, famous for the song/DVD title “Refused Are Fucking Dead”, have apparently broken that rule, much to the excitement of many a punk fan. The band broke up soon after the release of the now-classic album “The Shape Of Punk To Come”, and their final gig had the plug pulled by the police. Let’s hope some time off and a fresh start will have done them some good! For those who don’t know Refused, you know this song.

5. Dave Hunt Is The King.
Despite my fanboyism towards Anaal Nathrakh and his other adventures, this title is justified. I discovered a video through a friend of mine on YouTube, filmed at the end of 2011, of Dave performing as King Diamond in a karaoke event, singing “Sleepless Nights”. It’s a sight to behold, to say the least, and he does a fairly damn good job of nailing the vocals for someone who ISN’T King Diamond. For the original, click here.

6. Abigail Williams Stream Their Latest Album
US black metal group Abigail Williams have decided to let their fans get a taste of their album before buying it by streaming the entire thing over at Inferno. Definitely worth a listen.

7. Dave Grohl And Corey Taylor Collaborate
Amidst rumors about Dave doing another Probot record, news has come out that the Foo-man has just done a track with Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor. Now THIS is going to be interesting to hear.

8. David Draiman On Downloading.
Disturbed frontman David Draiman has spoken up about his views on downloading and piracy on Twitter, stating he is in favor of it, and always has been. He also gives some interesting points about Spotify, ISPs charging for music as part of their fees and the current SOPA/PIPA situation. Check it out here.

9. Disney Metal
In the latest of mashup videos enraging and delighting both Disney and metal fans, Andy Rehfeldt has picked on Dying Fetus this time, and turned their oldschool brutal tune “Grotesque Impalement” into a Disney version. Something to be experienced rather than read about. Original track here.

10. Trampoline-core
Finally, for a bit of fun, an 8-year-old girl has released her first hardcore song. It’s a bit of cute fun, and at least she’s more understandable than most hardcore vocalists out there. Enjoy.

Thus concludes another Metal Shards episode, keep on the lookout for awesome bits of metal news to inform me about! ‘Til next time, folks.

One response

  1. Dom

    “Why You Do This?” looks really interesting! Adding it to my to-watch list!

    January 25, 2012 at 4:09 pm

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