There’s Metal Here? Vol. 6 – Malta

And so we make a return to the There’s Metal Here? series (last time in New Zealand), something I’d wanted to do for a while now, but just didn’t manage to make the time for. Now I have a special post dedicated to a fellow writer and close friend of mine, go and check out Chrissie’s literary/film reviews on Litflick. She hails from a small group of islands entitled Malta, and I wanted to prove to her (and the rest of you) that even such a small place can have a thriving metal scene. Judge for yourself then!

Rising Sunset
Starting us off with some demo-quality power metal, Rising Sunset are a 4-piece female-fronted power metal band who also incorporate violin into their sound. Something akin to an older Nightwish with a more heavy metal feel to the instrumentation, they show promise despite a slightly tinny sound on their 2006 début (and only thus far) EP, Rhema. They also have a full-length album, Equinox, due out in March, which may be worth spinning. I’ve linked to End Of Iniquity from Rhema, hosted on their site, for studio sampling, and a live video is below!

To quote Monty Python, “and now for something completely different”, in the form of an oldschool brutal death metal outfit. Beheaded have been around since 1991, having since put out 3 albums in the style of Suffocation-cum-Cryptopsy-cum-Aborted. The lyrics are also fairly cool: “Voices dwell in chambers of ages surpassed/Resentments echo within vaults suffused in the past“. I can’t claim to be a huge brutal death connoisseur, but I like what I hear with this band! One final comment on them: check out the guitar solos in the track provided, they are indeed awesome. Find the band on Facebook or MySpace.

Jumping sideways in genre, I now present a symphonic black metal quintet, something akin to a better Graveworm, with some slight Oriental influence in the track provided. There are three vocalists who manage to cover most of the spectrum, and the synth used is well-executed. With three albums in the past 12 years, they take their time but the albums all seem well-received. Check out the band on their site or MySpace.

And now for a more relaxing track, taken from progressive shred artist Demis Fenech, inspired by Satriani, Vai et al. Also known for his work in rock band Six Circle Point, he also has two solo albums to his name, a place for him to show off some technical skills and songwriting. The song chosen is a light one, but he also has heavier tracks (search via his username Kinetikist). Find more on his website or Facebook. But for now, sit back and relax.

Bringing us back with a jolt, Loathe play a groovy sort of death metal, alternating between growls and screams. They seem to be one of the more famous Maltese bands, having played several big shows around Europe, despite only having one album and 3 EPs. In any case, they’re good fun to listen to, so check them out below, or on their site (samples)/Facebook.

Weeping Silence
The final band I have to show you is a talented female-fronted gothic metal band whom I found through my previous collaborators Black Wind Metal. The singer sounds akin to Marcela Bovio (Stream Of Passion) with a tinge of Lyla D’Souza (Rhode Island Red), and the rest of the band have a good sense of melody in their melancholy. With two albums down and a third on the way, they’ve got a good chance of achieving success. BWM’s review is here, their site/Facebook here and here. Enjoy the track provided!

And so concludes another jaunt in search for new and awesome bands. Next time we’re going to pop into another country full of turmoil, and the potential for some interesting Middle Eastern metal to emerge. Stay tuned!

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