I first found out about these guys thanks to Terrorizer‘s Fear Candy 93 CD, so thanks to Terrorizer for that!

So what happens when you mix 90s death metal like, well, Death, with the insanity of Mr. Bungle and the psychedelia of Kyuss? This is not a punchline-joke, but the début album of Chicago-based progressive extreme metallers Sectara. With influences combining the above with Cynic, Tool and Napalm Death, you know you’re in for a hell of a ride.

Formed by members of Total Fucking Destruction, Lividity, Corpsevomit and Java, Sectara were united by a common taste in music and mind-blowing, with a sense of humor to go with it. And now they’re going to unleash Interstellar Terror – Beneath The Eyes Of Baines on you FOR FREE.

To try and describe the whole album is fairly difficult, but a combination of Schuldiner-like screams, saxophone solos and intense musicianship. But it’s not completely inaccessible. To quote another, more famous journalist: “In these days when technicality either means a band sounding like a music store puking on your shoes or music being so scattered and random and, thus, completely unmemorable, Sectara has all the advanced chops that comes with years of performance and execution, but the knowledge that cohesive songs propel ability far further than collective musical gymnastics.”

Tracks like “The Missing Chums” and “Ghoulskin” can be a little abrasive at first, but after a while you feel more absorbed in the atmosphere as it ricochets around the room.

Those of you who remember Unexpect would do well to check this out, as well as anyone who loves their music with a dose of insanity, or any freeloaders looking for free music that won’t have you dragged before the RIAA. So click on the Bandcamp for the album, and while you’re at it, Sectara are around on Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation.

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