REVIEW: Tamuya Thrash Tribe – United EP

Band: Tamuya Thrash Tribe
Album: United EP
Release: 2011
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Thrash metal

Whenever a new band mentions Brazilian thrash metal, I can’t help being skeptical of expecting a ripoff of the famous example, but this time I was pleasantly proven wrong. Tamuya Thrash Tribe formed last year and have since been busy recording their début EP and touring on it. United is a half-hour romp through melodic yet grooving thrash topped off with harsh vocals.

The listener is greeted with a melodic opening à la Maiden but it’s not long before the heavy kicks in. Bassist Tiyug has a prominent presence in riffing while Emmanoel and Vassan trade groove and Pollig keeps a steady unchanging rhythm. Vassan’s comprehensible bark place him somewhere between Johan Hegg and Jeff Walker, and are well-suited to the music. The songs themselves rarely stay in one mood, and instead flow from heavier to lighter, even resulting in a mid-ranged clean vocal on “Immortal King”, which unfortunately doesn’t resurface again. “Uti Possidetis” is the heaviest of the lot, adding more ferocity into the vocals and a well-timed melodic solo. “Tamuya” is quite a messy finish, but I can imagine one designed for the live setlist.

There are few moments that truly grab me, but also little room for complaint. The production in particular is surprisingly clean, and everything is audible, even if the riffs and solos are relegated to one channel. The band have a knack for strong choruses, and a nod towards Amon Amarth’s lyrical style in “1814” doesn’t go amiss. The lyrics themselves have a historical basis, focusing on slave revolts and missionaries, and what I can only assume is a Brazilian-origin tribe called “Tamuya”.

In short, the EP is not going to blow thrash metal out of the water, but it’s a solid 6-track that’s well worth your attention; fans of Amon Amarth or groove metal will be certainly interested. United EP sets Tamuya Thrash Tribe in good stead, and I look forward to seeing further developments from them.

The whole EP is available on Youtube to listen, follow the link in the video provided!

Rating: 8/10

Song to try:

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