Many thanks to Arnhild of Art Ink Tattoo for showing me this fantastic band.

Some vocal styles sound decidedly metal from the word “go”. From banshee-like power metal wails to brutal death metal lows, there is a whole plethora of harsh styles that are suited to metal. Forget all that, here is a band who’ve pushed the boundary. Norwegian band Intrigue have taken a decidedly non-metal style of singing and MADE IT WORK.

Intrigue come from the far north of Norway (Karasjok to be precise), and play a brand of melodic hard rock/occasional heavy metal which is grooving and upbeat. Part of the Sami people’s tradition is a style of vocal referred to as “joik”, and this singing style is an integral part of the band’s style (despite also singing in English and Sami dialect). So they call their style of music “Heavyjoik”.

With three albums out in the past 20 years, there’s plenty of material to check out, starting with the songs at the bottom of this post (so good you get two!). You won’t regret it.

Check out Intrigue on Facebook or their old site!

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