Many thanks to Jake Furey-Rosan for showing me this band, they are great fun to listen to. Apologies for the delay in posting, internet issues as per usual.

Welcome to punk rock insanity. Yidcore are an Australian band who play Jewish punk rock. I couldn’t quite get my head around the concept, until I listened to the song below. Their shows appeared to involve a rubber chicken and their logo is a Ramones ripoff, that’s about all I can gather from quickly researching into the group. Most of their earlier material seems to be covers of well-known Jewish songs, although they also have plenty of original material. Some of the lyrics, taken from They Tried To Kill Us. They Failed. Let’s Eat!, are:

This is not a call to arms
This is a celebration
We should be dead by now so we’ve exceeded expectations
We’ve seen so many rise and fall, taken so many beatings
While you were empire building we were sitting back and eating

Not exactly the most subtle of lyrics, but then since when have the Aussies been subtle?

The band broke up in 2009, but they still left us 4 albums and 4 EPs, so in the spirit of the video, tuck in.

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