REVIEW: Amorphead – Chaos Expression EP

Band: Amorphead
Album: Chaos Expression EP
Release: 2011
Label: Casket Music
Genre: Groove metal

Learning from the errors made on their début EP, Italian groove metallers Amorphead are back for a second EP entitled Chaos Expression. There has been some improvement since, mainly in that the production is now tolerable, but musically the band hasn’t changed that much. Thrash-inspired groove is what’s delivered throughout most of the 25-minute running time, but the little variations redeem it somewhat.

After a cinematic sample of footsteps and a door opening, opener “Scream Inside” provides an insight as to what’s to come. Vocalist Master is a dead ringer for Max Cavalera, and the band have obviously taken inspiration from both Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy with the riffing of Mlex and Paul, although a cool melodeath-esque riff enters at the end of “Depth”, and a couple of solos hold interest on first impressions. Also on this song is a great use of DarkBoy’s bass to set the scene for a lengthy guitar solo, before Master rejoins in with his unchanging mid-level bark. Kronos’ drumming is sufficient, but rarely pushes the boundaries required.

Mid-way through, track “5:22” proves to be my personal favorite, an instrumental using acoustic guitars and a bass solo before segueing into a melodic grooving track and some cool solos. Unfortunately this run of good music is broken with the next track “Holes”, a mediocre Pantera ripoff where the vocals grate and the instruments don’t grab me at all, and the closing title track which sports a flaccid solo and not much else. After some noises, a secondary short track kicks in, in a more punk-groove style, which is OK but nothing special, then a reverse of the opening sample.

In short, Chaos Expression EP is definitely an improvement, but the band still have a way to go before they release something that will truly grab me. Some may enjoy this EP, but I find I have to take fairly long gaps between listens to gain something from it. Let’s hope this is just a stepping stone for the band, and they create a more engaging release next time.

Rating: 4/10

Song to try:

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  1. Zomg a new review!! 😀 YAY!

    September 30, 2011 at 9:58 pm

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