The New Plan

Hey guys, so as I mentioned beforehand, the situation’s going to be changing around here for a bit. The blog’s going to be changing from a daily format to something slightly more weekly-based. This is due to moving country and starting a job at two secondary schools in Austria teaching English. I am unfortunately only one man running this blog (with frequent inspiration and support from my wonderful girlfriend Electra (her blog is here)), and so the input will have to slow down somewhat.

This does, however, bring some good news. A requirement of me being organized for one, so you’ll be seeing reviews going up at the same sort of time, rather than their current erratic emergence. The list of requests I have due from bands or individuals is far too long right now, so I will be kicking my ass in gear to get through all of them. Thus far, I’m planning on posting 2 or 3 reviews a week, and no two reviews will follow on consecutive days.
But what will be on the days in between?!“, I hear you as the reading fanbase cry out*. The days in between are going to be filled every so often with non-review based work. As both reminder and introduction, the following projects I have in mind are:

There’s Metal Here?, a series that has thus far run for 7 volumes. In it, I examine a country which may not come to mind as a hub of metal, but showcases some very talented (or very amusing) bands. I have several countries still waiting to be investigated, and so every so often a post will emerge on that.

Introducing…, a shorter-post entry where I point you in the direction of a cool band or album that I have discovered, and usually they are giving their music away for free. This series will be on a more ad hoc basis as I find these albums (and check to see if they’re worth it), but expect a few more to be emerging in the future.

Crash Course is a new element I brought in to introduce you all to bands who have slightly larger discographies (generally three or more), and provide a couple of starting points into the band’s style(s). These will be taken from my collection, for the most part, due to me knowing the bands fairly well, but if someone wants to recommend a band then I’d be happy to do the research.

In order to branch out, I will also be writing up concerts I have attended and adding more band interviews as they come, although reviews will continue to be the main feature.

There will of course be a continuation in articles about more general topics that will emerge (music-related of course), and any suggestions would be more than welcome. I have been toying with the idea of a regular section highlighting particularly good lyrics in music I have discovered, and this will not be solely based in the realm of metal.

So there will be some exciting developments for the In Angel’s Head(phones) website, along with some interesting experiences to be had outside of it. The Austrian and Russian metal scenes will be fascinating experiences for someone who’s only attended one gig outside of the UK, and already I have met many friendly faces in the international community; hopefully many more will follow.

As a reminder to all the social networking loving folk that read this blog, I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and others will be following in the future.

So, a final thank you to anyone who read all this post, and those who read the blog in general.

*By the way, this site has registered nearly 2000 hits since its creation in mid-May. I am grateful and thankful for every single one of them, and hope that each found the posts enjoyable. Some interesting search terms have emerged too!

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