INTRODUCING…: The Neologist

Whilst scouring Bandcamp for any new and noteworthy releases a while ago, I came up with this surprising little find of a band. Formed in 2009 as a two-man project after the split of SeVeR, James Lewis and Devin Walsh set about creating melodic death metal and then distributing it for free. Along with one In Flames cover album, I found this interesting release called The 26 Letters Of Your Universe, taking Soilwork/Disarmonia Mundi as a template and mixing in other Gothenburg-flavored metal bands. Lyrical themes are in the vein of newer Dark Tranquillity, such as: “Here on the event horizon/The grasp of humanity extinct/Thoughts of good and evil/No one can shun”. It’s hardly earth-shattering stuff, but then that’s not their intention. To quote their biography:

“We write our music to sound like the music we love, and as I’m sure you can tell, those bands are some that we are clearly influenced by. We are not trying to be “ground-breaking” or “the next big thing”. We write and play metal we enjoy. Hopefully you will enjoy it too.”

Well, you’ve found a fan in these particular ears, and I hope it interests the rest of you.
For a free download of their entire catalogue, go to their Bandcamp. Or alternatively, throw some money at them, as they’re more than worth the price they offer. [link]

For a sample:

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  1. the neologist

    Thank you 🙂

    August 31, 2013 at 8:13 am

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