Introducing…: Sioum

Sioum are a Chicago-based post-rock/metal band who are one of the many to tap into the Bandcamp market, offering their full-length for free download but also hardcopies and t-shirts at very reasonable prices ($10 for the CD, $25 for CD and shirt). A smart business move, and one that has brought them a lot of media coverage on other blogs, coverage which they very much deserve.

I found this band by pure accident around a year ago, but due to a large backlog of music to listen to thanks to my hard drive dying, yesterday evening was the first time I’d spent with the album I Am Mortal But Was Fiend.
It’s an interesting journey, shifting through an effective mix of minimalist post-rock to the slightly heavier post-metal end. There are no vocals, but then none are required for this band, letting the music do the talking. Each track works individually, but like most post-rock it works far better as a whole.

So head along to their Bandcamp and download/buy the album, I highly recommended it.
Leave your comments below as to what you think of it!

One response

  1. Dom

    Listening to the album at Bandcamp… amazing stuff, thanks for sharing! I might end up buying it… if my finances let me 😀

    September 7, 2011 at 2:45 pm

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