INTRODUCING…: Cloudkicker

Time for a quick post today, haven’t got the time for a full-length one.

So, a new section for you all, an intro into a cool band to check out. Today I’ve chosen one-man project Cloudkicker, run by Ben Sharp, who makes music and then releases them on Bandcamp. Most of them are pay-what-you-want with the option of buying the CD.

The music itself is instrumental post-metal, and excellent as background music. There are 5 releases on Bandcamp, and some other free tracks if you dig deep enough into his blog here.

All of the tracks are streaming, so try before you buy. If you want a recommendation, go for any of the tracks on A New Heavenly Body, or the latest one Beacons. Or, for the lazy, a YouTube video is provided below.

2 responses

  1. Tom

    Cloudkicker was my introduction to the whole Djent/instrumental.
    love his stuff, in my top 3 for that kind of music 🙂
    check out some of Dan Dankmeyer’s stuff, he has like 6 albums, my fav would be Light though.

    keep up the awesome reviews!

    September 29, 2011 at 10:18 am

    • Thanks very much Tom! Cloudkicker were my first second djent band after Meshuggah, which was quite a jump to say the least.
      I actually reviewed Dan Dankmeyer’s latest at the time, which was Origin (here:, and picked up October 2008 because of the awesome Heaven Shall Burn cover on there. He’s a very interesting individual actually, I hope he puts out more stuff!

      Take care,

      September 30, 2011 at 9:38 pm

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