REVIEW: Nitroville – Can’t Stop What’s Comin’

Band: Nitroville
Album: Can’t Stop What’s Comin’
Release: 2011
Label: Self-released
Genre: Blues rock

Whilst stuck in traffic in the crowded urban streets of London, you can close your eyes and think you’re driving in the Texan desert with the début Nitroville album, Can’t Stop What’s Coming. Formed last year, they infuse blues into their hard rock ethic and call the spirit of Steppenwolf and AC/DC, creating grooving Southern-style rock guaranteed to invoke some serious steering-wheel tapping.

An international band, German/Scottish guitarist Boeck delivers both dirty riffs (“Mississippi Wide Boy”) and bluesy solos (“Coming On Strong”) with ease, mostly settling in a mid-paced tempo. Both he and Danish bassist Andersen capture the desert atmosphere, especially in the intro of “Cuts To The Bone”, which also showcases frontwoman Lamont’s lyrical storytelling and American drawl, despite her Anglo-Scottish origins. Drummer Zuzi, hailing from Brazil, gives a rock steady beat with an organic feel, and shows off his technique well in “Killing Kind”.

The band balance a fine line between producing a clean and soulful sound yet avoiding the modern overpolished feel of similar bands. Lamont’s vocals in particular are incredibly clear, whether singing of unworthy men (“Got What It Takes”) or the open road (“Dust Devil”), an example being “Let’s spare a cry as the desert sky turns to black holes/Dust devil is rising, there’s no escape as it takes your soul”, accompanied by soft backing vocals from Boeck. Lamont is both strong and confident, like the old school of Lita Ford and Joan Jett, and her voice ends up carrying songs like “Twist In The Chain”.

Can’t Stop What’s Comin’ is incredibly strong, only suffering one or two weakpoints which stop me from fully enjoying it. The former is the continuing mid-tempo, which although works well, left me longing for another faster paced track like “Cheating The Hangman”. The latter is the inclusion of “Twist In The Chain” and “Tell It Like It Is”, both of which are good tracks but don’t stand out as much as “Dust Devil” or “Bad Blood”, my personal favorites.

Ultimately, Nitroville have left us with a very promising début full of bluesy hard rock that will appeal to both those that grew up with oldies like Free and newcomers like Black Country Communion. Paired up with previously-reviewed Rhode Island Red, they’re playing a gig at Camden Rock in London on Thursday 8th September, which is not to be missed. If you’re not in the area, content yourself with 11 songs of high quality rock to blast whilst driving, preferably in the desert.

Rating: 8.75/10

Song to try: Reverbnation, try “Let It Roll”.

EDIT: A correction from Tola, Boeck is actually half-German, half-Scottish. Thanks for the tip!

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