REVIEW: Feud – Out From The Inside EP

Band: Feud
Album: Out From The Inside EP
Release: 2009
Label: Independent
Genre: Alt rock

Grunge, despite continued lambasting by most other categories of listeners, has produced some fairly enjoyable bands. Feud are one of the better ones, currently in High Wycombe, UK but originally from South Africa. They’ve been around since 2005, and 4 years later released a short 15-minute taster of their style, along with two demos which are sadly lacking on the free download. Although it can’t be praised as fully original, these 4 songs provide some good quality rock drawing from two of the most prominent grunge groups: Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Opener “Save Me”, starting off similarly to “Breed” by Nirvana, displays a united front of dirty and distorted guitars, high bass presence and well thought-out drum patterns intermingling with Greg Combrinck’s Eddie Vedder-esque vocals. It’s a sound that suits them well, the garage-like feel only adding to the atmosphere. Topping it off with a crescendo into a strong chorus, “Save Me” is a compact song that starts the EP off well. Next up is the single “One Last Time”, entering a more Lifehouse-like phase with the well-worn quiet to loud formula of acoustic guitar switching to a rockier chorus. The vocals are not as strong as before, and the chorus feels a bit muddy, but the song certainly feels like a crowd-pleaser.

“Spilt Milk” is the most diverse track, but a little messy in feel. Still, Guy Combrinck’s drumming stands out, and Greg’s Vedder-meets-Corey-Taylor singing works well. The acoustic section near the end is a little overkill, but the song itself has a large amount of potential with a little reworking. Rounding out the EP with the heavy track, “Flipside” pushes into Staind territory with a very intense riff aside from a brief clean break in the bridge. The first few times you listen, it sounds catchy, but after a while the surprise fades and the song feels a bit flat and less inspired than the others.

The EP itself is enjoyable, and the band definitely play to their strengths. The main critique I have is that each track follows a similar formula of quiet verses, loud choruses and a buildup bridge before the final chorus. It works, but more structural diversity would make it all the more memorable. The début album is due next month, so if Out From The Inside EP pleases your ears, then the full-length will be a must.

Rating: 6.5/10

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