Situation Update

Hey all, I’ve had to take a break from posting to this blog for a while due to travelling in Norway, but I am going to store some posts up to emerge as I arrive back into England at the end of the month, mostly of the review ilk.

The next bit gets trickier. I am due to move to Austria at the end of September, and I’m probably going to be lacking internet for a while until that is set up, which means a gap in posts which I will try to plug but cannot promise anything. I’ll be working as an English assistant, and so my time for writing reviews and blogs is going to decrease quite rapidly. I will still honor requests where possible, but the frequency will go down a fair bit.

And here comes the big part.
I’m moving to Russia in February, to take up a study placement in St. Petersburg. Currently it’s a lottery as to whether I am going to have internet available at the хозяйка (landlady) with whom I’ll be staying. If she doesn’t have it, then this blog will be changed to an updated-when-I-have-time blog, and could go days or weeks without content. I do apologize for this, but it’s unavoidable.
The upside of this is I should still be able to write reviews from my own collection and any CDs I buy in Russia, so I can store a backlog for when I return to England. The idea of a backlog is something I haven’t really experienced apart from the There’s Metal Here? series, so it’s something I hope to get into the habit of.

I thank you all for the support and views for this site; since mid-May this year I’ve had over 1000 views across the 47 posts, quite crazy for one person just writing his thoughts on albums. If anybody who reads this finds a review that they think their friends will like, then post it up onto FaceTwitPlusSpace or whichever other networking site.

All the best, and I hope you enjoy the posts that are to follow.

2 responses

  1. Dom

    Hail! Just discovered your blog after browsing Sorrows Path on … You seem to be doing a great job! When in St. Petersburg check out the groovy band Lowriderz, they might interest you, I saw them open for Iron Maiden and I really enjoyed their show!

    All the best,

    August 25, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    • Hey, cool WordPress you have going there! Good luck with the move to the main site. Thanks for the recommendation of Lowriderz, I’ll ask around and see if anyone knows where I can find them!
      Thanks also for the compliment, means a lot.
      Best wishes

      August 26, 2011 at 10:58 am

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