REVIEW: Rhode Island Red – Kerosene EP

Band: Rhode Island Red
Album: Kerosene EP
Release: 2010
Label: Self-released
Genre: Hard Rock

Bringing back the heyday of hard rockin’, London-based Rhode Island Red bring 3 tracks to the table full of big riffs and bigger vocals packed into their début Kerosene EP, promising an explosive mix of Garbage, The Cult and Nickelback. An interesting comparison, but one which holds true somewhat when inspecting these tunes a bit more closely.

The band opens in a big way with the Southern-tinged hard rocking title track with a dirty repeated riff and an underlying groove designed for getting people to move, aided by the prominent vocal pipes of frontwoman Lyla D’Souza, who harkens back to the days of Pat Benatar and Janis Joplin with her melodic drawl that shows the highs in “Beige” and the lows in “Stalemate”. The former is a belter, screaming against boring men who try and tie her down, while the band blast a Garbage-esque feel with a drum-sound as big as The Cult’s. Philips shows off his chops with the melodic solo neatly placed in “Kerosene”, and McGuinness’ bass rumbles on underneath, always making itself known amidst Stranges’ cymbals and snares. “Stalemate” is the token power ballad, which lacks somewhat in the power but makes up in melody and a great set of lyrics: “So don’t you come around here with the claws of hell flying over your shoulder/You’ll never smell my fear ’cause those dark days are truly over”. “Kerosene”, meanwhile, heightens the sexual tension that D’Souza creates as she demands euphemistically “you’ve got me on fire, honey/drench me with your kerosene”. Certainly going to get attention on the live circuit.

Although the band are new, the members have clearly been around the block a few times, with an impressive resumé of artists. Forging on by themselves, they look set to release a strong full-length if it hasn’t emerged already. The claims of Nickelback’s influence are unfounded; Rhode Island Red are much better than that, and Kerosene brings a much-needed kick of oldschool hard rock with a modern twist. I strongly recommend you check out the three songs streaming and (for those UK-based) to go to the gig at Camden Rock on Sept. 8Th!

Rating: 8.5/10

Song to try:

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