There’s Metal Here? Vol 2. – China

Round Two of There’s Metal Here? has arrived! As mentioned in the previous volume, we were going to travel to a region with an oppressive regime, and I present to you the surprisingly thriving metal scene in CHINA.

China, the most populous country with 1.3 billion people, had no chance of avoiding the metal influence really…but despite the government’s best efforts, there are still over 150 METAL BANDS around, in various styles, and I will just showcase a few of them. Typing in “chinese metal” into YouTube brings up so many results, so if you are interested in learning more, that’s your best bet.

Saedus Darknight
The man behind Aortic Regurgitation, whom I reviewed previously, has another project by the name of Saedus Darknight, and plays raw chaotic black metal. He has an album called Empty for free download which is worth checking out, the only song on YouTube is below:

N.B. Not for everyone!

Fans of Dimmu Borgir could do worse than check out the latest release of  WiderFahren, who have migrated from a raw sound to a more symphonic base. They have other releases, but I don’t seem to be able to find any information on them. If anyone knows anything more of this band, do let me know! Anyway, “Ghostly Night” is below for your aural pleasure:

Frosty Eve
Moving into the melodeath territory, I present to you the band Frosty Eve. Think Bodom but better singing and less of the shred. With 2 EPs and a full-length, there’s a fair amount of material available, and from what I’ve heard it’s pretty good quality! This track is from the Neocambrian EP which came out this year:

Hell Savior
Next, we have a bluesy thrash metal band by the name of Hell Savior, who sound like Dream Evil in thrashier form, who have one EP and an album out, I personally prefer the EP, especially because they actually sing in Mandarin on it, so here’s a link to 皇权之争:

I came across these guys by complete accident, and only really have to include them because I’m pretty sure my friend Daniel over at Black Wind Metal who is a power metal maniac won’t have heard them. Confusingly the Chinese name for them (“幻世狂想”) is different from the English, but anyway. This 7-piece have managed to release one album called Invincible in 10 years of being together, and that was 5 years ago, so no idea where they have gone, but that album seems to at least be on YouTube. This song is taken from that album, title is also “Illusion”:

 The Samans
Saving the best (and most surprising) til last, The Samans have undergone quite a transformation. From being an industrial Rammstein-ripoff on the début album to folk-inspired melodeath on the latest EP, it is a sight to behold when comparing the two sides of the band. Me, I prefer the Khan EP to Weltreich, but I leave it in your hands to decide which is your preferred one.



Comment below as to your favorite of the bands mentioned! I may have to return to China again at some point, still got many bands that I could have mentioned…And stay tuned for Saturday, where we travel to a controversial country where, despite a tense political situation, metal still flourishes.

One response

  1. Nice selection of metal bands. Of your selection i especially like Illusion and the Samans. Nothing wrong with the other bands, but black, death and trash metal were never meant for me. I’m surprised you didn’t meantion the Tang Dynasty though (China’s first heavy metal band). Well, maybe save that one for later. You might also want to cross the sea to Taiwan, a chinese province/independent country (depending on who you ask). Some awesome metal bands there as well (check Chthonic)
    I am myself very interested in metal bands from country’s you don’t expect it, that’s why I like to read this blog. I also kind off did my own research 😉

    December 6, 2012 at 8:39 pm

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