There’s Metal Here? Vol 1. – Andorra

Welcome to the opening post of There’s Metal Here?, a series hoping to expose a few of the talented metal bands lurking in countries which you wouldn’t quite expect to throw the horns…There is a full range available here, including some surprises, and hopefully something for everyone to sample and come away feeling a little more cultured, or discover bands in their own country that they didn’t know about!

First up, we have a small south-western European country called ANDORRA, sandwiched between France and Spain. With a population of less than 100,000 people, the chances of a large metal scene were not high in the first place, but there are still 4 METAL BANDS in this place. I’ve written a bit about each of them below.

Among The Mist
There is woefully little information on this band apart from that they were a power metal quartet around in 2002, had one demo called The Call Of Ares, and have faded into obscurity. Fortunately for you guys, I found an mp3 from this demo, and have uploaded it to YouTube here! And good luck to anyone who tries to find the rest of the tracks…

In a similar position to Among The Mist is one-man ambient/drone/doom project Aessênce, masterminded by Aeross Axx, and I can find nothing about it apart from there is an EP out called Ruin and it sounds like a slightly more melodic Sunn O))). Here is the track “Moonlight”, taken from that EP.

N.B. The video is 13 minutes long and doesn’t change much over that length of time, so don’t feel obliged to watch all of it!

A more recent band with more information are Nami, a progressive death metal band who released an album last year by the name of Fragile Alignments, which is fully streamable from their Facebook page. Or the lazier of you can check the official video for instrumental “Awakening From Lethargy” (a very relaxing song!) below:

N.B. The rest of the album is not like this, as I found out! They use a mixture of cleans and grunts, much like Pictura mixed with some Cynic, and sound completely awesome. Highly recommended.

Perhaps the most famous example of an Andorran metal band are 6-piece Persefone, introduced to me by Stuart Cole, who have been around for 10 years and released three albums of “progressive melodeath” similar to Nami. It didn’t completely grab me but wasn’t bad at all, maybe a full spin of an album would be required for me to appreciate it more fully. For now, I leave you with a nice track from their latest album Shin-Ken, called “The Endless Path”, and a link to their MySpace with more tracks.

Tune in tomorrow for another country, where despite an oppressive regime there is still an IMPRESSIVE amount of metal bands floating around.

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    One of my current interests is the people loving extreme metal and punk in parts of the world that are not only suprising, but often fucking dangerous as well.

    February 12, 2013 at 9:42 pm

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