First Post!: Welcome and so forth

Hello people, welcome to my blog dedicated to album reviews of all kinds of music, with a slight (read as: heavy) bias towards metal. The plan is to post a review roughly every fortnight (time permitting) of an album that I have been listening to recently. Ideally, I’ll be jumping genres each time, i.e. you won’t see two black metal albums reviewed one after the other. The idea behind this is to hopefully broaden the musical interests of followers of this blog, and hopefully pique your collective interest in albums that you may not have considered trying before.

Please note, I give no bias against any particular genre, and you will see albums on here which may not be to your taste. I am quite happy to receive comments about your thoughts on the album, but please don’t bash the band, especially without having given the album a fair try. Acting like an asshole due to the anonymity of the internet is not cool, and never will be.

That’s all for now, take care of yourselves and stay tuned!

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